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How I Used LEGO Minifigures to Ask My Brothers and Friends to Be My Best Men and Groomsmen

Last month, I asked my girlfriend to marry me. Despite my LEGO addiction, Caitlin said yes, and we've now begun planning a wedding. One of the early tasks was asking our relatives and friends to be in our future wedding party. While my now fiancée went with a crafty invite, I decided to use LEGO minifigures to accomplish this task.

I've trolled Bricklink before in hopes of picking up a few Winter Village sets that I was missing at reasonable prices, but this project would be my first time actually buying LEGO pieces from the many sellers on the website. I quickly discovered that there's some strategy involved with bundling purchases from different vendors in order to get all the pieces you need without winding up with a giant envelope holding just a pair of yellow hands coming your way.

It actually wasn't all that hard to find a suit that made sense for my wedding party minifigs. Caitlin and I had already discussed going with gray and blue, and I found minifigure suits already created with those colors. Hopefully it isn't a bad omen that those suits came from a bunch of Death Eaters from the Harry Potter theme.

The most time-intenstive task was finding minifig heads and hair for these guys. I quickly discovered that if you're trying to find minifigure heads that suit the facial hair or the eyewear of someone, you're going to have to settle on one or the other.

After getting all the pieces necessary for this project, I mailed out the elements to my brothers and friends with instructions to assemble the minifigs and let Caitlin and I know that they were on board for our wedding.

Tim (Co-Best Man)

Even before I had gotten engaged, I decided that my two brothers would be co-best men in my wedding. It's easier than picking one over the other, right? (Although my youngest brother, Jacob, has already told my other brother, Tim, and I that he plans on having his best friend be the best man in his future wedding. Thanks.)

Tim and Jake both sport a degree of facial hair, so their minifigs needed similar yet different heads. Thankfully neither wears glasses full time, so I didn't have to worry about that. The hairpiece I went with for Tim's minifig wasn't my first choice. The hair I originally wanted isn't available in blonde, so instead of a neatly combed-over head of hair, Tim's minifig got a tousled part.

Of all the guys in my wedding party, Tim's the biggest LEGO fan. He thought it would be funny to send us a picture of him with his minifig not wearing any pants.

Jake (Co-Best Man)

As you can see, Jake's head is pretty similar to Tim's. Even though I've repeatedly told him to get rid of it, Jake sometimes has a chin-strappy beard, which this minifig head kind of matches.

When Jake got his minifig, he decided to take a nap before getting back to Caitlin and me. After that nap, he got around to sending us a picture with his minifig. Jake's actually 6' 4" — if LEGO made extra tall minifigure legs in the gray that I chose for this project, I would've used those for this brother. That hair is pretty spot on, huh?

Andy (Groomsman)

Andy was one of the minifigs that I had to decide what was more important to match, facial hair or glasses. I went with the beard. That's was a good move, since the Andy minifig is possibly the most accurate of the series.

I'm not saying that Andy touched up his beard to match his minifig before taking this picture, but I couldn't have gotten any closer to matching a LEGO head with a real person.

Anton (Groomsman)

As you can see, there's something slightly different about Anton's minifig compared to the other four in my wedding party. Anton was born in Trinidad and Tobago, so the yellow minifig head and hands would have missed the mark. Luckily LEGO has been adding diversity over the past few years. Thanks to NBA players, Lando Calrissian and a few minifigs from licensed sets, I had a few options when it came to picking out Anton's head.

The minifig head with the goatee pretty accurately nailed Anton's look. (In case you're wondering, Anton flipped his minifig's pants on purpose. I was worried he didn't understand how LEGO minifigure worked.)

Coach (Groomsman)

My friend Coach has told Caitlin and me that he won't wear a hat to our wedding. That didn't stop me from giving his minifig one. With the help of a baseball player from the Collectible Minifigure theme, I bought a hat with a C on it for "Coach." In reality, Coach has more facial hair than his minifig, but I chose glasses over beard.

If only Coach had a hat on for this picture.

For now, this is all you'll see of LEGO in my wedding. Caitlin might be open to a groom's cake involving LEGO, but I'd rather cash in on an ice cream bar and leave the LEGO at home.

Originally posted on Popculturology.
Bill Kuchman
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